Are you one of the millions of individuals that suffer from insomnia? If so, you know how frustrating it can be to try every trick in the book to get some quality shut-eye without success.

The stress of work, relationships, and other day-to-day challenges can make it difficult to sleep. It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves with insomnia or an inability to fall asleep at night due to the endless chatter in their heads.

While there are many drugs available to treat these conditions, they can often be expensive and carry the risk of side effects.

A natural alternative that is growing in popularity and has been scientifically proven is cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of cannabis.

What is CBD?


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CBD is a cannabinoid that can be found in both marijuana and hemp. It is one of the most abundant compounds in cannabis, second to only THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is also known for its psychoactive properties. 

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not produce any feelings of euphoria or other similar effects thus making it an excellent choice as a sleep aid without having to deal with any side effects.

How Does CBD Help with Sleep?

CBD has been shown time and again as an effective treatment as it not only helps with sleep but also decreases anxiety levels which can make dealing with day-to-day stressors easier.

In a 2019 study, researchers found that individuals who took 300 to 600mg of CBD oil had lower cortisol levels which proves that CBD affects cortisol release, thus making it an effective sedative. 

In another study, CBD helped manage REM sleep behavior disorder symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Before taking CBD, they experienced sleep disorder episodes 2-7 times per week. After treatment, these episodes only occurred once every few days.

In addition, research has shown that when used regularly, CBD may also increase total sleep time as well as reduce daytime sleepiness.

However, not everyone experiences these same effects with CBD use. It has been reported that different doses lead to varying outcomes, specifically low doses seem to work well in stimulating sleep while high levels make you drowsy- but only after repeated use at higher rates does this occur when taken orally or by inhalation (inhaling).

The amount taken per day or situational factors such as stress levels at time-of-day administration seems to have an influence on the effects as well.

More research needs to explore how we might best utilize this opportunity for improving our quality of life now that more people are turning towards natural alternatives rather than pharmaceutical ones.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to help with sleep, chronic pain relief, or overall wellness without the risk of side effects that prescription drugs carry, Asterra Labs is here. We offer pharmaceutical-grade CBD products that have been proven effective and will not take away from your quality of life as other medications can.

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