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Detox Nyc

Drug and alcohol detox is essential if you’re experiencing severe withdrawal and uncontrollable cravings daily. At Legacy Healing Center, we offer customized detoxification and continuous assistance, depending on your needs.

Why detox is vital in combating addiction

When it comes to combating addiction, the detox stage is essential for fast and lasting recovery. Most victims of drug and alcohol addiction require some form of detox to overcome withdrawal and prevent short-term relapse. However, we advise against self-detox procedures. They are mostly ineffective and even dangerous, depending on the severity of your addiction.

To avoid any unwanted complications and side-effects, you need to enroll in a professional detox program, where professionals will supervise your condition and make necessary adjustments along the way. Professional detox is vital for combating addiction, as it:

  • Diminishes the impact of withdrawal
  • Minimizes cravings
  • Cleanses your body of drug and alcohol-related toxins
  • Counters the neurological effects of addiction
  • Rewires the addicted brain and restores the healthy activity of your opioid receptors in the brain
  • Stabilizes your mental and emotional functioning
  • Rebalances your behavior
  • Prepares you for the next stages of rehab

Is drug detox painful?

The detoxification program will come with some physical and mental discomfort. It’s a natural consequence of the withdrawal, and there aren’t many ways around it. What we can do for you is to minimize the side-effects and make sure you experience an as little discomfort as possible. At our facility, we perform detox in NYC under the strict supervision of a team of clinicians and health professionals.

They offer personalized detox in a safe environment, allowing you to focus on recovery and healing. It is paramount to only detox in a certified facility, where our experts can foresee and counter any problems that may occur during the procedure. This will give you a sense of safety, security, and effectiveness that you won’t get otherwise.

Is drug detox a cure to addiction?

No, drug detox is not a cure to addiction. It is merely the first stage in the rehab process, and its only goal is to combat the withdrawal and stabilize your physiological functioning. The detox phase will allow you to:

  • Control your cravings
  • Control your behavior and mental and emotional functioning
  • Become psychologically stable
  • Regain your strengths
  • Become more positive, confident, and comfortable with the recovery process

After detox, you will undergo multiple recovery procedures, including dual-diagnosis treatment, therapy, counseling sessions, group recreational activities, etc. All these programs are part of a holistic recovery strategy, meant to offer you the tools for sustained sobriety over the years. Since addiction is a chronic disorder, the cure is daily management and adopting a reliable relapse prevention strategy. The entire recovery journey, however, begins with acknowledging the issue and joining the detox program asap.

At Legacy Healing Center, we invite you for immediate clinical assessment and detox in NYC. If you wish to speak to our counselor about your problems, call us whenever you feel comfortable! You can contact us online to check your insurance options and benefits and schedule a meeting with our experts today.

Detox Nyc

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