Drug And Alcohol Intervention Specialist

Drug And Alcohol Intervention Specialist

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is truly devastating. It leads to suffering, pain, and destruction. A substance use disorder doesn’t go away on its own unless someone takes action or intervenes. Intervention can stop the damage caused by addiction and save the life of your addicted loved one. It also kick-starts the healing process of close family members.

Are you looking to help a loved one overcome addiction? Hiring our professional drug and alcohol intervention specialist can make sure the process begins, and the person you love has the best chance of getting help.

How We Can Help You Find and Coordinate the Best Intervention Plan with the Best Professionals Along the Continuum of Treatment

Approaching a person with a substance use disorder is difficult. While you mean well, your loved one will probably not have the same view. This means you need all the support you can get to sway the decision of an adamant loved one who’s declined help for their addiction.

Our interventionist can show you how to do an intervention, making the process as productive as possible. Basically, an intervention is a supervised conversation between supporters of an addicted individual. This meeting will be facilitated by our experienced drug and alcohol intervention specialist.

Step 1

Once you hire us, we’ll work with you to create an intervention strategy. This plan will be tailored to the unique needs of your addicted loved one and supporters.

Step 2

Together, we’ll decide who will be part of the intervention team. Team members should comprise individuals your loved one respects, cares for, and trusts. They can include siblings, parents, partners, close friends, and even co-workers. What we require is people who can influence the person to attend rehab after the intervention.

Step 3

We’ll meet before the intervention to organize what every person will share and how the meeting will be conducted. For instance, supporters may need to narrate how the addicted individual caused financial, emotional, and physical harm.

Additionally, we'll discuss the location and time of the meeting. Our interventionist will advise everyone involved not to let person know about their intervention ahead of time.

Step 4

Our interventionist will moderate the gathering in a safe and effective way. The ultimate goal is to convince the person you love to accept treatment. Once they agree, we can suggest the best treatment options.


Our addiction intervention specialists have in-depth knowledge of the best-in-class treatment centers. So as part of our drug and alcohol intervention programs, the interventionist can select a rehab that meets the specific needs of your addicted loved one and family. At Addiction Interventions, we’ll look for a facility that provides quality addiction care that matches the financial resources available.

Additionally, our interventionist will remain in contact with you to make sure the program is a great fit and that any issues are addressed. We specifically urge your family to join our Family Recovery Coaching to start their healing journey after the intervention. Taking advantage of our resources has proven to be significantly important for families of recovering addicts.

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Are you wondering how to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention? We can help. At Addiction Interventionists, we can provide the tools required to save the life of a loved one addicted to alcohol or drugs. Speak with an addiction intervention specialist now: 866-584-2525.

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