Orange County Mental Health Services for Children

Article provided by: OC Teen Center

Orange County Mental Health Services for Children

Long gone are the days when both or one of the parents afforded a full-time stay at home. Today’s society requires one or both parents to work to sustain them in the current economy. It is no wonder that the modern family suffers from a lack of proper nurturing. Children turn to their friends for emotional support and guidance while gravitating away from their parents. The only problem is that they do not know how-to guide or support one another in a world full of misguiding advice.

Explain our mental health services for children


Our Orange County child therapists have regular working hours and can offer same-day assessments by trained professionals. We have a confidential intake environment and will discuss all treatment concerns before assigning you to the program. We will, however, advise on the best treatment for the child’s condition. Some are proper candidates because they have minimal or manageable health issues, while others need intensive care first, such as hospitalization.

Typically, we will give you an initial assessment in the first appointment and schedule more intensive care for more comprehensive assessments. The treatment options will match the diagnosis, such as cognitive-behavioral management strategies to address specific mental and emotional issues. It is essential to know that we will include you in the entire assessment process to benefit your child.

Difference between child counseling and adult therapy

The child therapist offers specific training for unique needs, developmental complications, and situations that only affect teens and children. Orange County California child therapy with a focus on teens will include the following strategies:

  • Cognitive and dialectical approaches that address their growth stage
  • Family therapy so they can best understand how family contributes to their persona
  • Group therapy to deal with peer-induced problems like substance abuse and eating disorders
  • School-based counseling to discuss bullying, violence, poor grades, or their friend networks
  • Play and art therapy to improve their mental state

Increasing success for child counseling in Orange County CA

What can you do to increase your child’s success with teen therapy? Parents play a crucial role in their child’s health when they are active participants in their progress. We recommend all patients take part in sessions that require them to learn how best they can support the teen’s growth with the best Pediatric mental health services.

Who benefits from our Orange County mental health services for children?

The obvious answer is that children are the benefactors of these services. However, adolescent therapists in Southern California are beneficial because they address issues that would be otherwise difficult to resolve in their mental, emotional, and physical realms. Therefore, we recommend you sign up your child for an assessment if you notice any odd or discomforting behavior. These can be anything from bullying, depression, poor concentration to simple issues like choosing a college or major.

As mentioned earlier, the only way to know the kind of therapy that will benefit your child is to trust the professional diagnosis of the psychologist. So get in touch today at 800-478-0233 to learn more about our services and how they can help your teen before it is too late.


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